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I’m a Freelance Interactive Art Director based in France. Focusing across branding and identity, digital and print.
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Noor held a safe, positive and non-judgmental space for me when I chatted with her about sex and pleasure. She helped to unpack some of my shame around masturbation, and offered gentle suggestions on how I could use masturbation to increase intimacy with my partner. She’s also super knowledgeable about sex toys, and recommended me a beautiful and high performing rabbit vibrator as a follow up to our session. I’d highly recommend her Shy Concierge to anyone looking for a trusted companion to discuss sexual health and sex toys with. Thank you Noor for helping to honour my feminine well-being!

1-on-1 Consultation

As I am a newlywed, she helped me through questions and concerns I had about sex clearly. It wasn’t overwhelming at all. Her advice has been helpful and my partner find joy when we tried some kinky games as well as going slow with foreplay.

She was also kind to show me all types of sex toys- her favourites and recommendations. As well as useful tips in taking care of the toys! I truly recommend you chatting with Noorin if you have any questions about you can improve on your sex life.

1-on-1 Consultation

The Sex Toys 101 workshop’s  subject/topic and style- it was 100 percent awesome! Speaking of your experience really helped get people comfy so that was great.

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