The Shy Concierge combines the personal shopper experience with the guidance of a safe and trusted friend. Whether it’s buying your first sex toy, spicing up the bedroom life or just having someone to talk to about the taboo questions that’s been burning on your mind, we’re here to help. 

Our Services

Personal Consultations

• In the comfort of your home or a safe neutral environment 
• Work through your questions, needs and preferences in a non-judgemental and safe space

• Recommend and purchase items from our trusted partners
• Deliver them discreetly to you with another consultation to guide you through

Consultation fees start at S$75 per session and we offer a sliding scale for those in need. 

Workshops & Talks

•  Tailored to your topic of interest, audience size and comfort level
• Informal and friendly “Ask me anything” approach
• Fully- clothed demonstrations with props and accessories

• Sex Toys 101
• Understanding Pleasure & Vulva/Penis Anatomy
• Friends with Benefits
• Handjob/Blowjob 101
• Sexting 101
• (Non-sexual) Using Storytelling for Self-Love & Building Resilience 

Workshop fees start at S$120/h. Please contact us for more details. 


Noor held a safe, positive and non-judgmental space for me when I chatted with her about sex and pleasure. She helped to unpack some of my shame around masturbation, and offered gentle suggestions on how I could use masturbation to increase intimacy with my partner. She’s also super knowledgeable about sex toys, and recommended me a beautiful and high performing rabbit vibrator as a follow up to our session. I’d highly recommend her Shy Concierge to anyone looking for a trusted companion to discuss sexual health and sex toys with. Thank you Noor for helping to honour my feminine well-being!

– Personal Consultation

As I am a newlywed, she helped me through questions and concerns I had about sex clearly. It wasn't overwhelming at all. Her advice has been helpful and my partner find joy when we tried some kinky games as well as going slow with foreplay. She was also kind to show me all types of sex toys- her favourites and recommendations. As well as useful tips in taking care of the toys! I truly recommend you chatting with Noorin if you have any questions about you can improve on your sex life.

– Personal Consultation

A very safe space for people to learn and talk! The workshop pretty much covers every aspect we needed to know about the topic, perfect for people of different experiences! If you've yet to try you will get helpful insights in terms of what to expect next & stories from real-life experiences! Sex-related topics are always a taboo so it's always good to share stories, experiences and how to deal with emotional attachments as it helps us all to get better!

– 'Friends With Benefits' Workshop

The session is superb! It is very informative and I've been curious about FWB but never actually done it before. Really really appreciate the effort and all the guidelines for us to make sure we're all doing it safe whenever I'd like to. It is a superb and informative session!

– 'Friends With Benefits' Workshop

That it's an open sex-positive conversation and learnt so much through Noor's, Jas's and others who shared during the talk. I love love love how its such a clean, organized, clear structure on categorizing with a good map/procedure + explaination along with safety info and links that would've especially saved me and everyone who's experienced awkwardness and complications so much time and energy if I knew all this information before. Despite some stories can be tough to share, but I just really am grateful to be able to learn all this and can see a better expanded understanding about these type of dynamics rather than usually just learning through friends/stories. Also, I enjoyed how some people were being interactive in the chat and sharing their opinions/stories. A very efficient, structured workshop with very articulate and eloquent but also casual speakers!

– 'Friends With Benefits' Workshop

I've learnt so much about this topic! Emotional aspect (which I'm always curious about), the detailed breakdown is so helpful! Love love love the real-life examples given to make the entire talk more meaningful. Personally never got to try it because of fear. When I was talking to (a catfish), everything is "too good to be true" and Noorin covered that part too it's so damn true!!! TRUST OUR GUT INSTINCT!!!! so the real-life stories shared by Noorin definitely gives me an insight into this topic. Thank you for sharing! It was a fruitful Sunday x

– 'Friends With Benefits' Workshop

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