Ju (otherwise known as Mummy)

Explore sex, relationships and self-love without having to hide your Google search history​

In honor of my mother Juraidah Rahmat’s legacy and our unorthodox penchant for oversharing, I wanted to create a safe space where there’s no such thing as a stupid question when it comes to sex, love and our bodies.

Who is Shy & Curious for?

If you have an inkling that it’s for those who may be more private or new to this realm – bingo!

We’ll take care of the research and tricky questions so we can share honest stories and insightful articles with you. However what’s most important is as long as you’re here with an open mind to learn and un-learn what you’ve been taught about sex education, love and self-care, we’re happy to have you! 

Image credits: The Pin Up Rebels

About Noorindah Iskandar

Noorindah Iskandar is the founder and writer behind Shy & Curious. Through honest conversations and a sense of humour, she helps to demystify taboo topics and unlearn shame & guilt around sexual wellness, relationships and self-love for the shy yet curious at heart.

Since starting Shy & Curious in 2020, she has been featured on Channel News Asia, Her World, Rice Media, City Nomads, Something Private and worked with brands like Durex, Womanizer, One Condoms, and Pink Lifestyle. 

Noorindah has been named as one of the trailblazers for Sexual Freedom in Singapore by City Nomads for International Women’s Day 2022.