Let’s Talk About Sex with Frankly My Dear

Bridgerton, ethical porn, how to talk to your sexual partner, and the night in the Chinese restaurant when I realized I couldn’t repress “the real me” anymore.

These are just some of the things I spoke about in my interview with the popular podcast Frankly My Dear.

When Fariza slid into my IG DMs, I took it as a sign that the universe said to keep going despite the turmoil in my personal life. Frankly My Dear is one of the most honest, brave and relatable Singapore podcasts out there – especially when helmed by the insightful and compassionate Fariza. I immediately said yes and admitted I’d been lurking around her Instagram as well and admiring her grit and kindness in her episodes. There is an adage to never meet your heroes in real life in case they disappoint you but when we met for the first time during the interview session, not only was she the same in real life – I was actually blown away.

You can hear the surprise in my voice in the opening segment of the episode when she admits that sex was actually a topic that was personally out of her comfort zone for her, yet knew it’s a subject that would benefit the greater collective to normalize through conversations like these. I was humbled and awed by her courage and passion to help her community and truth be told, that was the first time I’d been speechless in a while. I’m so honoured to have that opportunity to chat with Fariza and share our experiences and thoughts about being sex-positive in a world of cultural expectations and naysayers. Here’s to the dreamers and the baby steps we take to make sure you’re not alone. But enough with the mush, let’s talk about sex…