Sexcapades with Jasmine: I Wish Someone Told Me Podcast

TRUE STORY: The first time I e-met Jasmine King was on a Zoom call for our Women Unbounded panel back in April. Our host had asked if we all knew each other and Jasmine said “Sure, I know Noorin from Shy & Curious” and my brain stopped working for a moment. I knew she looked really familiar but the username was different and then when it hit me it was Jasmine, I had an additional brain freeze because OMG JASEXPLAINS KNOWS WHO I AM!!!

For those who aren’t familiar with this Malaysian goddess, Jas isn’t just a sassy, witty personality, she is a nuanced and straight talking sex positive educator. As you may guess, I have a girl crush on her and even more so ever since I’d had the pleasure and honour of becoming her friend. From being invited to be part of her JANGAN MALU JUNE series of talks and panels to running the recent Sex Ed for Adults: Friends With Benefits 101, it’s always been a blast working with her and learning so much from this bodacious babe.

And if you ever wonder what our conversations are like behind closed doors, well check out the very first episode of Season 2 I Wish Someone Told Me! We sat down for a chat about how Shy & Curious got started, how to spice things up in the bedroom, staying safe while being sexy and not one, but two very sexy personal stories when Jasmine asked “ Tell me about one of your sexcapades that you’re willing to share?”

Wanna know what (or who) they were? You just have to tune in and find out….

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