Join us at Frankie’s Valentine Virtual Wellness Retreat

Valentine’s Day can be a loaded word for many, including yours truly. In all my years of dating, I’ve celebrated it “traditionally” just once with an ex when he bought me chocolates and a sushi dinner date. For the rest of my dating life, I would generally stay in to avoid the reminder that Cupid was a shitty marksman when it came to moi. Last year Cupid gifted me a breakup 4 days before…talk about plot twist!

Well this year, I’m putting Cupid in a chokehold and showing him how it’s done.

I’ve been invited by the great folks at Frankie Wellness for their Valentine Virtual Wellness retreat next week to celebrate this month of love. Frankie is a gamified mental health and wellness app that’s currently in closed beta and aims to enhance emotional well being with the help of immersive wellness journeys that rewards you for consistency.

So what’s a Virtual Wellness Retreat? Over the course of the week, join Frankie alongside a group of experts in sessions that will help you experience emotional clarity, self-love and growth. Whether you’re single or coupled up, there are two versions of the wellness retreat for you to choose from. Check out the agenda below:

​Gain greater emotional clarity with our healing and wellbeing experts. Work towards building healthy relationships and falling in love with yourself.

(08/02) Day 1: 1800-Love-Myself – Self-love Workshop

What does it take to really embrace and love yourself for everything that you are? It certainly isn’t loving yourself 24/7. Dig deep and uncover the ugliest part of yourself. Transform this into a source of strength and empowerment. Find out how with our expert – Ambra

​(10/02) Day 2: Community Talk Therapy – On Pleasure
With Good Vibes Only and Shy & Curious

​Things are about to heat up. It’s time to ignore the stigma and celebrate the importance of self-pleasure. Uncover the ins and outs to achieve the best kind of stimulation.

​(12/02) Day 3: Reiki Healing Session
​You deserve this time to unwind, relax and find peace within yourself. Hwee is here to help you do that. With her expertise, you’ll find yourself recharged for the night and ready for a good night sleep.

​(14/02) Day 4: Bonus Round Valentine Vendetta: Casa Amor
Not.A.Dating.App x Creative Insurgence

This Valentine’s Day, you don’t have to be alone and stuck in Singapore. Pack your bags and take the VTL (Valentine Travel Lane) with Creative Insurgence and Not.A.Dating.App to Valentine Vendetta Casa Amor. At this Casa Amor, the only advisory is to come with an open mind, travel light and leave any baggage at the door.

Register here: Singles Track

​Reset and refresh your relationship. Fall in love with your partner all over again with our communication expert and reignite the passion in your relationship with a couples touch exercise.

Day 1 (08/02) : After Swipe Right
​Healthy communication with your partner is severely underrated. Communication works both ways. How you express yourself and how your partner listens matter. Find out more with Coach Andrew from Fleek.

​Day 2 (10/02): Community Talk Therapy ~ Sexual Wellness
In Partnership with Ferne Health

​Physical intimacy between couples is as important as emotional intimacy. How do we go about speaking comfortably about sex and preserving sexual wellness in a relationship? Find out more with our brilliant invited guests as they delve into practising safe sex, communicating openly, and certain misconceptions about monogamous sex.

​Day 3 (12/02) : The Art of Touch
​Deepen your relationship by learning how to give and receive physical love. By learning how to feel your partner, you are also improving the bond in your relationship. With the help of Diana, she will tell you everything you need to know about the art of physical touch.

Register here: Couples Track

Prices start at $5.99 for singles, and $12 for couples. You’ll receive access to all 3 days of sessions, a physical care package and exclusive treats from Frankie’s partners.

Come join me next Thursday for the Singles track at 8pm. I’m so happy to join good friend Meryl from Good Vibes in this session. Have a virtual drink with us to chat and share our experiences with love, pleasure and well, I’m sure a few naughty stories!

Also as a bonus, get offline and into the real world with the Not A Dating App singles mixer happening on the actual 14th Feb itself. You may, or may not, bump into me at the bar that evening 😉

And why not? You’ll never know what can happen when you decide to work together with Cupid and give him a little nudge….