Quickie With Rin: Trying Out Period Panties

Quickie With Rin is a new series where we share our quick tips, insight and experiences on our Instagram @shyandcurious_com.

While I would love to say I’m a menstrual cup user because it’s eco-friendly, the truth is that it saves so much money! But the one item that l was on the fence on for the longest time were: Period Panties. 

How do they work? Are they just diapers for women? Would it feel squishy to wear it the whole day? Won’t it smell? What happens to all the lil bloody clots?? So when Fermata Singapore asked if I’ll like to try out a pair, I had to say yes – all in the name of curiosity! 

Since I’ve quite the derriere, I opted to try out Proof’s Hipster Period Panties as their cut is generous and follows American sizing. When it arrived, I was impressed by the sustainable packaging and how it’s suppose to hold up to 5 tampons worth. The material felt soft but it was definitely amply padded. As you can see, the M fits perfectly on me and provided full coverage on the bum and sides. I did a couple of stretches and hops and didn’t feel anything shifting around! 

I figured if I’m putting it to the test, then I’m gonna go all out and wear it on the heaviest day of my cycle to run some errands. I was nervous but it was a strange feeling to – NOT. FEEL. ANYTHING! I thought I’ll feel the blood being absorbed into the padded panties but I literally forgot I was on my period except for the cramps! When I had to use the loo, there was a slight metallic smell but otherwise it was very negligible and less noticeable than if I was wearing a regular pad! Apparently Proof uses a patented Leak-Loc® technology and even as I slept the night away in the same pair, there were zero leaks when I woke up. (I really maxed out the number of suggested hours for this review!)

What was also surreal was when I hand-washed it the next morning and expected a bloody scene, no blood or clots came out in the wash basin. I was a little skeptical and opted to also toss it in the machine wash just in case it wasn’t 100% clean but it really seemed like magic. I still have NO idea where the blood went but all I can say is that I’m now a convert and will end up getting a few more to comfortably lounge around in them!

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