Quickie With Rin: How to be Sexually Confident

Quickie With Rin is a new series where we share our quick tips, insight and experiences on our Instagram @shyandcurious_com.

This is a story of How Noorindah Got Her Groove This is me at 23 (left) and 37 (right).

I remember that night back in 2007 clearly when I was living in NY, fresh off my first break-up and was just about to head off to my first fashion week party. I might have looked chirpy and fitted better into a slinky black dress but deep down inside, I was petrified and insecure. That night I met a creepy guy who would hit on me the entire time but I was so grateful for any attention that I ended up making out with him in the streets. I thought it was so romantic then but now I realize I was just looking for validation.

Fast forward to older (hopefully wiser) me on the right. At the time the photo was taken, it was 5pm and I still haven’t had lunch yet as it was a full day of shoots and work. I was starving and ready to wilt. But as my friends have pointed out, I just look so darn happy – even beneath a mask. And I was caught by surprise too when I saw the picture. The saying that your outside matches your insides? I finally got it. I still love my black outfits as you can tell but I’ve finally found myself and what I love.

So that’s why I’m really thrilled to be chatting with Good Vibes as part of their anniversary celebrations next Tuesday on what sexual confidence is all about. It’s not about the 101 amazing tricks you can do in bed (though that might help 😂) but the truth is, when you learn to love yourself and where you are even as a work-in-progress, that’s when it naturally shows up at any age!

Date: 23 Nov (Tue)
Time: 830pm SGT
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Guest Speakers:

Jasmine King, Sex Positive Advocate & Creator of @jasexplains
Andrea Tan, Sex, Love & Relationship Coach @theathenarising
Noorindah Iskandar, Founder of @shyandcurious_com
Harith Akma, Host at @thecomedypodcast_
Elijah Tay, Founder of @myqueerstorysg

Let me know if you have any questions for me or the other fun panelists in the comments.See you there!