S&C Erotica: Cat Got Your Tongue (Part 2)

In collaboration with our sexy friends over at the Hedonist, we’re pleased to bring you a special Erotica mini-series where YOU get to pick what happens next. Just like a Choose-Your-Own-(Sensual)-Adventure, follow their IG: @hedonisttribe for more. This is the finale to Selena and Nicolas’s sexy adventures and we hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as we had fun writing it!

We barely made it through the elevator doors as we stumbled in, tipsy from the drinks but drunk from lust. After ‘punishing’ Nicolas in the bar for his wisecracks by secretly playing with his erection, there was no way we could keep our hands to ourselves without potentially getting arrested for making a lewd scene. Thankfully (or strategically on his part I’m sure), his place was just a few blocks away and even that short walk seemed like torture for the both of us to keep a straight face and ignore the sexual tension between us. I was already wet and thanks to my ‘handiwork’, Nicolas’s hardness was obviously on display despite his best attempts to hide it by tucking his shirt out and taking awkward steps. I let out a laugh at the absurdity of the situation as the elevator ascended.

Nicolas gave me the side-eye and huffed, “You’re enjoying this a bit too much, no?”

“Oh baby, I’m so sorry! I didn’t think you were going to enjoy it that much…” I gave him a puppy-eyed look and burst out laughing again.

He took my hand that was already clenched in his, and cupped it right over his erection. “You made it, you’ll hide it Selena. And it’s my turn to pay it back…” his voice dropped sternly. I felt a chill run up my spine and then slickness in my panties. I knew what that tone of voice meant. I bit my lip and glanced up at Nicolas.

His emerald eyes looked back at me darkly but his mischievous glint and smirk betrayed his intention.

“Yes sir…” I cooed demurely.

We’ve had the chat about our preferences and kinks on our first date. Well our first ‘real’ date anyway since our bodies had already been acquainted that Halloween night. We both knew each other turn-ons and turn-offs, our limits and fantasies. Nicolas was aware that despite my confidence, I’ve a thing for surrendering over to a dominant presence. He’d mentioned he had dabbled before in BDSM with some of his exes and he would love to explore it with me as well one day. Lucky me, I guess that day is here.

As he opened the door to his loft and I trailed behind him, I could already feel my submissive side taking over as I suddenly felt shy and uncertain of what’s in store next. Nicolas turned on the lamp next to his couch and as if he read my mind, he sat on the armrest and pulled me towards him. I stood in front of him as he held my waist and straddled me.

“Selena…” he whispered gently and peered into my eyes with such warmth. “Do you want to do this tonight? We don’t have to do anything you don’t want to.”

My heart fluttered, just like my pussy. As much as I knew he was probably dying to thrust his shaft into me, Nicolas’s priority was still to make sure I felt safe and comfortable. I lifted his chin with both my hands and kissed him gently at first, then hungrily with a thirst like no other. His hands were now grabbing onto the cheeks of my ass as he kissed me back passionately. I felt his erection brushing across my knees and I pressed back slowly against it as he moaned into my mouth. I pulled away for air and grinned back at him. “My safe word is Meow.”

He smirked as he started to unbutton his shirt and revealed his muscular torso. While anyone could have guessed this was a guy who worked out when he’s in his regular clothes, I couldn’t help but feel glee as I trailed my fingers down from his neck to chiseled chest. What a delicious treat…

He stood up and led me to his bedroom. His place was minimal and tasteful but I’d always felt at home. As we reached the foot of his bed, he dropped his voice down low and said sternly again, “Take off your dress.”

“Yes sir…” I obliged and slowly pulled off the halter straps and peeled it from my shoulders, revealing my naked breasts and lace panties as the dress slid to the floor.

Nicolas towered over me as he circled around slowly and admiringly. “Good girl.. very beautiful. And very naughty too… where is your bra?”

I bit my lip and tried not to giggle, “I didn’t think I would need one.”

I felt his breath on neck and the hypnotizing trail of his musky cologne as he growled in my ear, “Didn’t think I would need one – what?”

I blushed and felt another gush of wetness in my panties which were now absolutely soaked. I looked down at my stilettos and cooed, “ I didn’t think I would need one, sir

I could hear the smile in his voice as he teased me, “Good girl. Now, close your eyes.”

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