S&C Erotica: Curiosity Teased The Cat (Part 1)

In collaboration with our sexy friends over at the Hedonist, we’re pleased to bring you a special Halloween Erotica mini-series where YOU get to pick what happens next. Just like a Choose-Your-Own-(Sensual)-Adventure, follow their IG: @hedonisttribe where we’ll be doing a poll next #wetWednesday where you decide the rest of the storyline.

“Seriously, you’re wearing this?”, the look on my bestie’s face said it all.

“Why not? It’s easy, plus it was a last minute invite anyway…”

“Yeah, exactly – it’s too easy and boring! Come on, it’s the first big Halloween party in forever and you’re practically going as yourself. It’s just another one of your usual black outfits with cat ears! ”

I gave Lynn’s costume another look over in the mirror. Sigh, she did have a point. She was decked out as slutty Marie Antoinette in a velvet corset with a plunging neckline, short flounced skirt with the glittery make-up, fake jewels and manicure to boot. She looked amazing and would fit right into tonight’s theme of “Opulent Hedonism”. Life is finally back to normal and everyone’s in the mood to celebrate.

Meanwhile, I’m staring right back at the mirror in exactly what she guessed right. I had pulled every single piece for tonight from my usual wardrobe.

Black latex leggings – check.

Black body-skimming long sleeve top – check.

Black knee high latex boots – check.

Black cat eye mask – check.

Red lips – check.

After all, who wouldn’t want to be Catwoman any other day?

“I really doubt anyone else is going to have latex leggings and boots hanging around their closet, babe.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. We get it… you’re the hot Sex Ed teacher. Doesn’t it get so boring to be sexy all the time? Live a little! I’ll love to see you play damsel-in-distress for once!” She rolled her eyes at me as she picked up my spank paddle, gave me a light tap on my ass and laugh.

“You know I don’t do cute and I’m only going because you’re dragging me out. Anyway your Majesty, the Grab’s here…”

Holy crap, she’s right. I should have changed.

The party was hosted in a former warehouse in one of the industrial parks next to the harbor. As our car pulled up towards the front of the dark still building, part of me wondered if we got the address wrong. We were so far away from town and it would have taken forever to get another Grab if this was the wrong place.

“Lynn, are you sure this is it?” as I hesitantly closed the car door and looked up at the gritty warehouse.

“Chill babe, it’s the right address. Jason was telling me that it’s much cheaper than renting out a club and his crew still gets to go all crazy with the set-up and blast the music with no one complaining. It’ll be fun!” She grabbed my arm and pulled me into one of the creaky cargo lifts. She pushed the 4th button floor and the lift started its slow and heavy ascend.

I smirked at her as the cargo lift reached our floor and the heavy steel doors echoed as they opened, “I feel like I’m in a horror movie and this is the part where the audience is yelling at the screen ‘Get out!’”

We both gasp in unison at what lay before us. Lynn was the first to break the silence and run out.


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