#NewSexSlang with IPPF: A Recap

A couple of weeks ago, we were honoured when IPPF (International Planned Parenthood Federation) approached us with an intriguing brief – help us build a new Sex Dictionary with the #NewSexSlang challenge. Oooo… what does that mean?

Words matter – sex is far more than just fucking. The words we use say a lot about our culture and our approach to one another as individuals. As the generation that cares most about defining their own identity, why should Gen Z be bound by terms that don’t define them?

IPPF is a global charity dedicated to delivering sexual and reproductive healthcare around the world and fighting for sexual & reproductive rights. They believe passionately in each individual’s rights over their body and help promote pleasurable, equitable and reciprocal sex and intimacy around the world. And with my love for words and the power behind them, my immediate reaction was a resounding “Abso-f*cking-lutely”.

My second? Knowing exactly where to start digging for reference… and sadly I didn’t have to dig too deep.

One of my pet peeves is local slang that infantilize, vilify and basically reduce sex and body parts to a derogatory act. The words we use are so important to normalize conversations around the taboo, sexual wellness, our bodies and attitude. So we braved through the murky comments in local forums to put together some interesting and common lingo that Singaporeans use to describe sexy time and parts. Time for a pop quiz!

Then we did a poll on Instagram to see how others reacted to the terms used and if they’d loved it or hated it. Check out the surprising results below!

Wanna know what other cringe (or fun) lingo others around the world are using for the next time you ‘piakpiak’? Check out the final #NewSexSlang Dictionary and get inspired!

(And please don’t ever use kukubird if you would ever want someone to play with it…)